Lemondrop Tests: Does the PedEgg keep your feet smooth?

There are some inventions that seem, if not exactly brilliant, at least worth a try --until you do. Like the PedEgg.

Despite its "As Seen on TV" billing, these white egg-shaped devices can be picked up everywhere. The premise: 100+ micro-files scrape down everything you hate about your feet (dead skin, calluses), revealing smooth, baby-soft tootsies. Bonus: There isn't even any mess -- the PedEgg automatically collects your freshly shaved flesh in a tidy, no-spill container.

It seemed too easy. As a girl bent on finding all of life's shortcuts, I picked one up and went to town on the barnacles clinging to my toes and heels.

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I learned the hard way (hard, as in required Band-Aids) that the PedEgg's claim to "gently file off" is really a violent euphemism for "literally slice calluses off like bacon from your little piggies." A prison-grade shiv would offer less blunt-force trauma than this.

Less than two hours after use, I had indeed removed all traces of dead skin, but could also barely walk. Trying to smoosh my sore, swollen, bleeding and sensitive toes into shoes would have been as likely as getting myself to the moon. It only took one use for me to decide that maybe calluses aren't so bad after all. No, they don't look cute with sandals ... but then, neither do open wounds.

Jenny Muller is a beauty writer living in San Francisco.