Lemondrop recently linked to a story about a girl who discovered that she might be having an allergic reaction to having sex with her boyfriend -- and, sadly, I can relate. As someone with no other known allergies, it's especially depressing that the only thing that my body (specifically my lady parts) rejects is my boyfriend.

The first few times I had an allergic reaction to him, I didn't completely catch on. I've always stuck to wearing condoms before with him, so I wasn't sure what to expect when we switched to oral contraceptives. But each time after sex I would inevitably notice an irritation down there.

At first I brushed off as an annoying-but-harmless urinary tract infection. But before I ever had a chance to chug a liter of cranberry juice, the sensation would go away -- usually within a few hours.

But as it turns out, it's not my boyfriend, but what comes out of him that I'm allergic to: his semen.

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Many women with a semen allergy often confuse it with a recurring yeast infection or UTI. Most gynecologists will often diagnose those before concluding that your vagina is inhospitable to baby batter. Other symptoms can include swelling, itching, hives and trouble breathing.

Because the proteins in body fluids vary from guy to guy, it is common to be allergic to one guy's semen but not another's. Since I'm allergic to my boyfriend's emissions, not semen in general, I can't help but worry if I should take that as a sign that maybe chemically, he isn't right for me. After all, I really need my vagina's support in my dating life.

The simple fix for a semen allergy is just using condoms, which neither of us are entirely opposed to. And there is also the option of desensitization (his favorite option) which basically entails having lots of sex until my body adjusts, like building up a tolerance to alcohol.

But while we figure out how to have sex that won't potentially stop my breathing, I'm worried that this is Mother Nature's warped way of suggesting I move on to a more compatible mate.

Tell us: Would you ditch your boyfriend if you found out you were allergic to him?

Beth Brennan is a frequent Lemondrop contributor who works in the media industry.