UPDATE as of 8/13/2010: The Chronicle of Higher Education found this post and wrote up an article of their own: "Professors: Hot at Their Own Risk." And while it was interesting to hear their opinions on the matter, we're not really buying the whole "too hot to teach" thing. Check out our response: "Hot Professors 'Hate' the Attention -- Men, Welcome to Life As a Woman."

We looked far. We looked wide. Now it's time to announce (and congratulate!) all the fine men who made it into the Lemondrop "Hottest Professors" contest. Beauty and brains: We're sure our guys will be proud to be included. Or not, but we're excited to share them here with you!

Back in March, we solicited submissions from you, our readers, and asked College Candy to aid us in our quest to find the hottest of the hot. After digging through comments and e-mails, we plucked the finest candidates and even chose a few of our own.

But while we tried to cover all the bases, we invite you to leave any smart hotties we may have missed in the comments. And don't forget a photo link so we can all drool a little more! Happy viewing!

Lemondrops Hottest Professors Contest

    Ben Horton, University of Pennsylvania, Earth and Environmental Science: Cute, in that bug-eyed kind of way. And loves the earth? Deal!

    Alex Glass, Duke, Geology: Worlds most boring major just got a lot more interesting. Yes, Mr. Glass, please tell me more about hydrocarbon extraction!


    Ali Esfandiari, George Washington University, Psychology: Handsome, foreign, and understands the inner workings of our mind? Check, please!


    Archie "Chip" Birkner, University of Florida, Music: Okay, so he does actually look a little like a band geek. But then, those are the kids that grow up to become rock stars or badass college music professors. And that's hot!

    Brad Stoner, Washington University, Anthropology: Anthropology, huh? WELL, he can feel free to study us anytime!

    Bradley Donohue, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Psychology: Not sure how we feel about Las Vegas and those highlights he's rocking, but we can't deny a man who can rock yellow.


    Bram Tucker, University of Georgia, Anthropology: Fair warning: there are a lot of Anthropology professors on this list. We didn't do this intentionally, but have decided that this is scientific evidence that the study of people makes you totally hot.


    Bret Gustafson, Washington University, Anthropology: Bret, we're just glad you aren't Bret Michaels. And we'd like to let you know, you can take us to Costa Rica anytime!

    Brian Richmond, George Washington, Anthropology: It's not very often that you can be attracted to a man surrounded by bones. Welcome to the exception.

    David Jons, University of Georgia, Spanish: Good ol' Southern boy who speaks Espanol? Si!