Amazing but true: Spend some time in an unexpected, romantic setting and all of a sudden even the most "eh" guy is like Matthew McConaughey hot ... and you're kinda swoony.

These twists on the usual date ideas will create just that phenomenon, whether the dude's a blind date or your soul mate.

Played out: Dinner and a movie
Date upgrade: Grill out in a park or your backyard, then watch a TV show on DVD on your laptop.
Played out: Ordering in pizza
Date upgrade: Make your own with a refrigerated crust using gourmet toppings like prosciutto and arugula, or a dessert version with grilled fruits.

Played Out: Going to your regular pub for drinks
Date upgrade: Dress up for cocktails at a swank hotel bar or dress down for brews at an outdoor beer garden.
Played out:
Having a picnic in the park
Date upgrade: Take homemade sandwiches to a botanical garden and eat under a flowering tree in full bloom.

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Played out: Going for a Sunday drive.
Date upgrade: Test drive a sweet sports car together.
Played out: Taking long walks on the beach.
Date upgrade: Bike to the shore and fly a kite.
Played out: Going out for dessert.
Date upgrade: Get up early for decadent fresh-baked croissants and cappuccinos ... or just some crullers and a good old cup o' joe.

Played out: Watching a pro ballgame.
Date upgrade: Hit some batting cages. Or try a spectator sport, like horse racing, and place dollar bets.
Played out: Taking a walk in the neighborhood.
Date upgrade: Hiking a woodsy trail. (Find one near you on

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Lookalike Couples

    Channeling "The Matrix," twin style.

    duncan, Flickr

    He's the beer captain and she's his first mate.

    annstheclaf, Flickr

    Apparently their doberman pinscher Buddy didn't get the memo.

    Fuschia_Foot, Flickr

    Thumbs up for a matchy-matchy blazer.

    Buster McLeod, Flickr

    These guys are thrifty: there was a two-for-one sale at the snowboarding shop.

    pocketmonsterd, Flickr

    You'd be surprised, but it got a little violent when these two raided the Gap for their sweater sets.

    mrlerone, Flickr

    Chuck and Mary saddled up to the bar in their capris and matching tees and ordered a round of refreshing strawberry daiquiris. It was the perfect start to their Key West vacay.


    These guys were king and queen at Grunge Prom.

    anniejean, Flickr

    Aw, he has his mother's shirt.

    wwhyte, Flickr

    They share everything -- messenger bags, hoodies -- and hair dye.

    prosto_photos, Flickr

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