We recently found ourselves half-making-fun-of, half-enthralled-by this piece on how to meet a dude at the gym (because "look kinda sweaty and tousled while wearing short-shorts" is too vague, perhaps).

Being approachable and timing your move right -- as in not when he's in the middle of a set --are the two main things to keep in mind when trying to snag a six-packed (or 12-packed) hottie.

Good advice for girls, but we have to say it's usually dudes doing the cruising at the cardio machines. We asked a couple of our gym-rat girlfriends what they think about workout pickups.

"The gym is the last place I want to talk to a guy," said Victoria, 25. "Working out is intimidating enough. If a guy tried to hit on me I'd feel even more out of place and totally uncomfortable, I'd probably even start going less."

"There's something about those guys who try and pick up girls at the gym," said Ashley, 22. "It's like that's their sole purpose of being there, and it's not attractive. I end up thinking, If he's hitting on me today, who did he hit on yesterday? For me to even consider it, he'd have to be persistent and gain my friendship first."

Tell us! Have you ever considered dating a guy who hit on you at the gym? Was his approach on the creepy or sweet side?