Most people would panic watching their retirement account dwindle to nothing. But even though it's happening to her and her husband, Lindy Abbott from Tennessee is staying calm.

How? Some people get massages to deal with anxiety, or take up yoga (or 12-oz. martinis and Nachos Bel Grande). But Lindy's relaxation method of choice? Her religious faith.

"A lot of people are all stressed out because of the recession," she told us. "Because I was spiritually anchored, I have not been as affected as most people."

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Help Me Help You

Lindy says she prays daily for her friends and tries to encourage people to have hope. She reads a lot of spiritual books and blogs about her faith "without being preachy."

Despite what Emily Post may say, Lindy says she can talk easily about religion and can make conversation with anyone (and anything -- "including a light post or tree, if it will stand still long enough," as Lindy says). She tells people that worrying is ultimately kinda pointless and encourages them to look at the bigger picture.

Letting Go and Letting God

She says that she chooses to believe that, in the end, money struggles are a natural part of life. Though it seems counterintuitive, believing in a higher power helps her avoid feeling like things are beyond her control.

"My faith helps me to not worry because I know all of my needs will be taken care of," she says. "We have just about lost our retirement savings that my husband had invested in for 20 years, but we are not at all frazzled, because we know there are more important things in life than what money can buy."

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