Nonversation (n.): When you find yourself in a worthless conversation with a dude after trying and failing to flirt with him. Nonversations typically occur because you've haplessly fallen into one of several black-hole areas -- the weather, how much your job sucks, or pretty much any conversation that starts with "what's up."

One tragic example:
Girl: Isn't it annoying that it had to rain all weekend?
Guy: Yeah.
Girl: Well, at least it's over. Tomorrow they say sun. Too bad it's a Monday.
Guy: Uh-huh. I have to run. I'll see you around.

After a nonversation, you're usually left feeling like you've learned nothing about the dude you're trying to bone, and will most likely feel like you need to go back to flirting preschool. Don't blame yourself. Blame the nonversation.

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