If you were worried that Rick James was reincarnated as a horse, you can breathe a sigh of relief -- these are just ridiculous pictures of horses with ridiculous hair. Apparently, if you're an artist, some days you wake up and think, Man, wouldn't it be great to take photographs of horses with weaves?

Julian Wolkenstein, an award-wining advertisement photographer, teamed up with stylist Acacio da Silva to make these hair-larious pictures. Julian tries to inject an element of whimsy into all of his work, which has included dreaming up goofy, weird campaigns for companies like Mastercard, Citibank, Mars and more.

"Why horses with hair?" you're probably asking. Well, as Julian says, "It's important to do personal projects just for fun, not to sell anything, but just to remind you why you make images, but mostly, and simply, to make you smile."

It's nice to know the global economy hasn't affected everyone to the point that we're all spending our free time under the sofa looking for 35-cents-off-Cookie Crisp coupons.

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Florence is just waiting for the chance to steal your boyfriend.

It's pretty obvious that Misty is wearing hot pink roller skates.