Meet Rebecca. She's the clotheshorse behind The Clothes Horse, a style site for those "obsessively interested in fashion." Rebecca writes the blog while attending college in "Nowhere, Pennsylvania," and proves that you don't have to be a big-city girl to have great taste and style.

Rebecca says her interest in fashion began while traveling Japan. "I've gone through lots of phases in clothes, and I like that," she says. "I don't think fashion is a passive art and change is inspiring."

Closet Fever: Sunshine from BlogFullofJelly

    The thing you end up wearing every day: Color. And Robert Piguet's "Fracas" fragrance.

    Sunshine's rack of gorgeous vintage finds.

    Your best bargain find: Men's Oxford shoes from the 1930s in my size at a Salvation Army in Savannah, GA, for $2.97.

    These are a few of her favorite things: A Coach silk floral purse; a vintage Fendi backpack bought in Italy long ago; and a mint green patent leather bow purse.

    Sunshine: "I collect shrunken jackets in crazy prints. This is my hands-down favorite: Prism print silk by Walter from Blue Belle in Savannah, GA."

    What you wear when you're feeling tired/hungover/unattractive: I have a lot of outrageous and entertaining '70s polyester maxi dresses that sort of do all the work for you. The crazier the better, really.

    Sunshine's dressing room and her pup Beatrice.