A famous quote often attributed to Catherine Deneuve says, "When you get older, you have to be ready to trade your ass for your face." New research has now validated that wisdom by showing that being thinner actually makes women over 40 look older.

It's a reduction of volume in the face that creates jowls and wrinkles, and losing just 10 pounds can age a woman's appearance by four years. Other factors that can also prematurely age a woman's face include smoking, heavy drinking, too much sun, getting a divorce, taking antidepressants and yo-yo dieting.

If you had to pick, which would choose -- a smokin' hot bod, or a young-looking face?

Bizarre Spa Treatments

    10. Arctic Ice Room
    The Qua Spa at Caesar's Palace Las Vegas offers an "Arctic Ice" treatment room, where "snow" falls from a domed ceiling through mint-infused air chilled to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Jae C. Hong, AP

    9. Golf Ball Massage
    After hitting the links at Scottsdale's Four Seasons Resort at Troon North, you can have a "therapist" warm up some golf balls, and roll them along the large muscles of your spine and neck.

    Jupiter Images

    8. Doctor Fish Pedicure
    A type of carp called garra rufa, or "doctor fish," are used during pedicures at Yvonne Hair and Nails salon in Alexandria, Va. The fish eat dead areas of the skin, leaving just healthy new flesh behind.

    Jacquelyn Martin, AP

    7. Flaming Anti-Flu Treatment
    A man in the Jiaxing Zhejiang province of China undergoes a medicated fire treatment. The procedure is supposed to help prevent colds and flu.

    Getty Images

    6. Gold Facial Treatment
    Japan's Umo Inc. claims that covering the face with sheets of 24-carat gold is an effective (if not cost effective) method of fighting off wrinkles.

    Junko Kimura, Getty Images

    5. Snake Massage
    In the Israeli village of Talmey El'Azar, where reptile farmer/aesthetician Ada Barak uses tangles of king, corn and milk snakes in her massage treatments. Barak claims that find the creatures to be soothing.

    Yonathan Weitzman, Reuters

    4. Nightingale Droppings
    If snakes aren't cuttin' it, you can always rely on ol' fashioned bird poo. Spas such as Shizuku in NYC offer facials with nightingale droppings, which contain an enzyme that supposedly brightens the skin.

    Jewel Samad, AFP / Getty Images

    3. Leeches
    Demi Moore may be using these bloodsuckers for detox treatments, but in the Himalayan region of Jammu And Kashmir, leeches are used to treat a variety of ailments including blood disorders and immunity problems.

    Awar Nazir, Scoopt / Getty Images

    2. Bull Semen Hair Conditioning
    Bull semen conditioner is one of the new offerings of Hari's Salon in London. Hari's claims that the substance, when combined with a protein rich plant root, Katera, strengthens and adds shine to hair.

    Morry Gash, AP

    1. Knife Therapy
    A man cringes as he receives a "knife therapy" massage during a free procedure in Taipei. Local practitioners in this ancient form of massage claim it can cure sinus infections and headaches.

    Steven Wang, AP