AOL Personals sheds some light on whether we should turn the volume up or keep it on mute when it comes to the sounds we make while getting it on. Apparently, out-of-this-world sex occurs when you're able to let your inhibitions down and not terrify your partner.

Obviously, communication is key when it comes knowing whether to crank the noise level and the dirty talk up or down, and letting him know whether he should do the same. To each her own, but we think there's a fine line between naturally expressing how you're feeling and frightening the neighbors.

In the beginning of a relationship, we say, keep your noise level somewhere in the middle. Your partner will know you're enjoying yourself, and -- bonus! -- won't confuse you with a circus seal. As your relationship progresses, by all means, crank it up to eleven if you're feeling it. It may make your sack session more exciting and intimate, but caution: Turning up the vocals could make it end, um, a little sooner than you wanted.

Tell us --- does the volume level during sex have an impact on your experience with a guy? Have you ever been with a guy whose bedroom noises totally turned you off? Or have you been guilty of shouting something you wish you could take back?