The game-design world is definitely male-dominated, which is why we're psyched that two women managed to pick up top honors at this year's Game Design Challenge at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco.

What's even better? The game's about losing your virginity and they managed to design a game in significantly less time than their fellow competitors.

Heather Kelley and Erin Robinson stepped in with only 36 hours to create a game after another competitor left the contest because the theme "your first time" was a little too risqué for her employer.

The other contestants had a few weeks to get ready, but Kelley and Robinson rocked the contest with their multilevel game "Our First Times." In the game, players pick out outfits without snaggy zippers, shave their entire legs, circumvent garlic at dinner and buy condoms.

The game would be made for the Wii or perhaps iPhone, and sounds like more fun to talk about than it would be to actually play. Who wants to replay that evening over and over again?