We've already heard that yogis have better sex. But if you're still having trouble with certain back-bending positions, you can always try a sex retreat. These sleepaway camps for grownups focus on getting you (and your partner) in touch with your sexuality.

We tracked down a few to see what really goes on!

The Big Om
San Francisco-based One Taste focuses on female sexual pleasure and teaches "orgasmic meditation" – an interesting practice where a woman stripped from the waist down is stroked by a guy (maybe her man, maybe not). Students of "OM-ing" take the practice seriously, believing it increases one's sensory peak and focuses on the human connection.

Sexy Sessions
In the Magic of the Women's Circle may use meditation and Tantra to get women to open themselves up to the pleasure principle, but this is more than just a breathing technique. Set in Maui, you are pushed to relax and feel, rather than think. You will be touched and even touch other women in groups to explore pleasure in a calm setting. Clothing is optional at this $40 class.

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Practice Makes Perfect
Carla Tara's small classes in New York and Maui applies Tantric teachings to sexual pleasure. Carla can teach men where women like to be touched or help ladies find their own G-spots. During her couples' tantra classes, couples massage one another's privates and practice various positions.

Some courses are clothing-optional and require active participation. Visit 1tantra.com for info and prices.

Going Bad
Tantra Goddess Retreat for Women forces you to get rid of that good-girl image and become one salacious sexpot. For $525, the Ontario-based weekend retreat will teach you exercises like the Passion Pump (similar to Kegel exercises) to get your libido going. You'll also get to sculpt your very own clay sex goddess.

Although you'll be talking a lot about sex (your favorite positions, kinky stories, etc.), no one will be naked or do any explicit sexual exercises.

Thinking Yourself Hot
Chicago's Berman Center offers camps for both singles and couples who want to talk out their issues so they can get down and dirty. The women's retreat tackles issues like broken hearts and body-image issues through therapy, seminars and group therapy. The couples' retreat has similar offerings, but with fun homework like massage or bedroom assignments. It costs $750 a day per program.

Tell us! Would you ever go to a class or camp to improve your sex life? Where do you find sexual solutions when you have questions?