Eighty-nine years after women landed the right to vote, we're still making progress. We make almost as much as dudes. We almost had a lady vice/president. And, every now and then, we get an on-screen sex scene designed to turn us on.

To salute these all-too-rare moments, those cunning linguists at Mr. Skin have put together a list of the top 10 oral sex scenes (NSFW, obviously -- in fact, super not safe for work). Third base is a classic topic for analysts of movie booty, except on this list, it's only women who are on the receiving end of the mouth maneuvers.

heather graham
Mr. Skin Pick: Heather Graham in "Two Girls and a Guy" (1998)

The name of the movie sorta says it all. Oh, and the "guy" is Robert Downey Jr.
You're welcome.

maria bello
Lemondrop Pick: Maria Bello in "The Cooler" (2003)

An orgasm? From William H. Macy? Yes. Yes. YES.

halle berry
Mr. Skin Pick: Halle Berry in "Monster's Ball" (2001)

Not the sexiest scene ever, but Halle sure gets points for enthusiasm.

chloe sevigny
Mr. Skin Pick: Chloe Sevigny in "Boys Don't Cry" (1999)

A depressing movie, sure, but not without its naughty bits.

tara reid
Lemondrop Pick: Tara Reid in "American Pie" (1999)
True, not the best movie or the sexiest scene. But at least it let thousands of teenage
boys know that you only get what you give.

julie christie
Mr. Skin Pick: Julie Christie in "Don't Look Now" (1973)

One of the all-time most memorable scenes ... Watch out for Donald Sutherland's beard!

Sook-Yin Lee
Mr. Skin Pick: Sook-Yin Lee in "Shortbus" (2006)

... So hot it's, um, special.

Ok ladies, we know film depictions of dining at the Y aren't very plentiful, but there are more out there. Find the rest of Mr. Skin's list (and the NSWF photos) at MrSkin.com, but comment below and tell us what we missed -- and what your favorites are.