Just when you thought your morning commute couldn't get any worse, the recession came along and dumped a bunch of musicians right on your platform, include some that seem a little, um, untrained.

In Boston the number of musicians with permits to perform underground has experienced a 50% increase since last year, and they aren't all talented.

Take the guy unaffectionately known as "crazy harmonica man," who has no musical ability except that he can puff rather loudly into a harmonica.

(Is that really much worse than the flood of Counting Crows covers which is surely sweeping through the city's tunnels at an alarming rate?)

Still, for some people who've been laid off, it's a nice way to make some cash while unemployed, and is undoubtedly more fun than working on a résumé.

Even if they aren't making nearly as much money as they used to be, at least they can say they're living their dream, especially if that dream is to annoy groggy, rush-hour commuters.

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Is there a busker on your commute whose music you dread?