Some women might try a new position or break out a sex toy to enhance ecstasy in bed. But lately more and more are going a more drastic route for better sex -- pubic piercings.

One OBGYN says she's seeing more women with genital piercings, and she worries they don't understand the health risks involved.

"Genital piercings are on the rise in women looking to stimulate the clitoris during sex," reports Sarah Wagner, MD, instructor, of obstetrics and gynecology at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine and obstetrician and gynecologist for Loyola University Health System (LUHS). It's still a relatively small number of women (less than one percent) sporting studs down below -- perhaps because piercings are illegal in some places.

"While this phenomenon may be growing, genital piercings can cause serious health complications, and women should be aware of the risks," Dr. Wagner said. She added that piercings can interfere with and even cause trauma to mother and child during labor. Even if you're not pregnant, the adornments can infect the surrounding tissue and even the bones of your private parts. Yuck.

And it's not just young women getting their privates pierced.

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10 Supposed Aphrodisiacs

    Avocado Avocado trees were called Ahuacuati, or "testicle tree," by the Aztecs. And they were forbidden by Catholic priests for their sex appeal (no joke).

    ulterior epicure, Flickr

    Chocolate The Aztecs worshipped this treat for its supposed aphrodisiac properties. While that's not scientifically proven, it does affect serotonin and the circulatory system. When both of those are kickin', it's definitely a lot easier to get in the mood.

    karenmcallister, Flickr

    Asparagus On top of making your pee smell funny, these phallic-shaped veggies are rich in Vitamin E, which is essential to a healthy sex drive and to producing sex hormones.

    geishaboy500, Flickr

    Cinnamon Buns Cinnamon buns are the number-one smell that turns guys on, according to research from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago.

    zebble, Flickr

    Eggs Eggs are a symbol of fertility (duh) dating back to ancient Greece and the Indian Kama Sutra. Choose eggs that are naturally fertilized -- many factory-laid eggs are not produced with an actual rooster, resulting in eggs with less hormones. A study showed that men who ate naturally fertilized eggs showed increased libido, sexual activity and stamina.

    aubergene, Flickr

    Epimedium grandiflorum This plant is known by many as Horny Goat Weed for its er, happy effect on goats. It's popular in Chinese medicine and has been around for over 2000 years. It's frequently found in pill form and is considered to be safe.

    halle, Flickr

    Spanish Fly The most famous of aphrodisiacs is made up of crushed beetles and more than a little is believed to be fatal.

    Muchaxo, Flickr

    Ginseng Thought to posses "aphrodisiac properties," Ginseng is also a popular Chinese medicine. It also translates as "man root." So maybe that explains it.

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    Spicy Stuff Chilies and peppers are known to pep up the sex drive, so if your guy can handle the heat, bring it into the kitchen. Chili peppers can stimulate the nervous system and pump up the drive in girls and guys alike.

    adactio, Flickr

    Turkey If you thought you felt a little tingle on Turkey Day, you were probably not alone. Turkey is often blamed for making us sleepy, but it turns out it is the same element that causes drowsiness, tryptophan, that's actually sending us to bed for a different reason.

    Country Living

Elayne Angel, who ran a piercing parlor in New Orleans, La., for more than a dozen years, claims she has pierced more than 40,000 genitals -- on everyone from recent grads to grandmas.

"It is common for a woman who has no other body art to get a genital piercing," she said. "I get a lot of empty-nesters, retirees, soccer moms, sorority gals."

Shari from Delaware got her right labia pierced as a teenager. It's one of five body piercings she's had over the years, but the only one she's kept.

"My piercing was completely aesthetic, but because of its location, it enhanced certain positions. I loved the look of intrigue and then elation when my boyfriend first discovered it."

Shari said her piercing didn't pose any medical problems because she took good care of it by soaking and cleansing with anti-bacterial soap. She said women considering a similar piercing should do their research first.

"You want to be sure the piercing place has a stellar reputation for customer service, friendliness and cleanliness. When I walked into the room where they did the piercing, it was like walking into my gyno's office."

Tell us: Would you get a genital piercing for hotter sex?

Fierce Fingernails

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    Wild style.


    Even George W. loves him some nails.


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