We were combing through AOL Personals today (for work, we swear) when we were enlightened by this piece on sex positions for physically mismatched couples -- tall and short; skinny and not-so-skinny; and more.

The most common pairing we hear about is pocket-size girls getting it on with basketball-tall men. The story recommends something akin to Cosmo's Amazing Butterfly, where the woman lies on her back on an elevated surface (like a table) while he stands in a fixed position.

The piece also has advice for how to deal if one of you is overweight, though we think Dr. Sadie Allison has already said it best -- the sexologist recommends doggy-style for overweight men with the line, "If you've got a gut, rest it on her butt."

Our question -- do short girls actually need specific sex positions? In our experience, once things start to get tangled, anatomy tends to line up without too much fuss.

Have you ever dated a guy whose height or weight made having sex difficult? What positions worked best for you, and what'd you have to give up altogether?