If you look younger than 30, happy hour and a pack of Marlboro Lights won't be the only reason to whip out that ID. State legislatures in Texas and Florida are pushing for new laws requiring teens under the age of 18 to bring a doctor's note to their local salons before stepping into the tanning bed.

Lawmakers view the new bills as ways to prevent teens from developing skin cancer, especially melanoma. Parents and teens alike are peeved by the new guidelines because they feel this is a decision that shouldn't be controlled by the government. If the legislation passes, does this mean that kids won't be allowed on the soccer field or out on the beach without a signed permission slip?

And WORSE, will students be forced to attend prom in backless dresses that expose pasty winter skin?!

Bad Tans

    It took two deputies and a putty knife to get this guy's hat off his head for the mug shot.


    Carl never understood why everyone called him "Wife Beater." He wasn't even married.


    Never say the Pledge of Allegiance at the beach when you're drowsy.


    The "S" stands for "Socially Retarded."


    Rule number one for applying sunscreen: Always get help for those hard-to-reach places.


    Nicole Richie takes a stroll on the beach and tries to even out her ass tan.


    Sunbathing topless would have been better for numerous reasons.


    Speedo or bike shorts -- either way you lose. So do we.


    Clearly, the idea of "mom jerky" didn't sound too good to Calvin.


    Life is hard.