Unlike some people we went to high school with, one Indiana teen is hoping to keep her pants on at the prom this year. In fact, she's suing her school so that she can ditch the typical prom dress and wear pants to the big event.

The unnamed 17-year old lesbian is suing because she thinks Lebanon High School's dress code for prom, which obligates her to wear a dress to the dance, is discriminatory. In her opinion, dresses are not part of her sexual identity.

The ACLU has got her back on this one, saying the school's policy violates the Constitution by creating a disparity in the treatment of male and female students.

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Prom and Bridesmaid Dress Messes

    If Molly Ringwald's "Pretty in Pink" prom dress crossed over to the dark side, this is what you'd get.

    thehodgsons, flickr

    Looks like she's ready to belly dance not go to the prom.

    ms_kittka, flickr

    A tail, rouching in all the right places and a crown of baby's breath -- what more could a bridesmaid want?

    Annie in Beziers, flickr

    A prom dress ready for Mardi Gras.


    Color (and style) coordination is key when you're going to the prom with a group of friends.

    AmyMo, flickr

    Give her a pair of wings, and she's ready to fly.

    N!(K -- loveforphotography --, flickr

    Vampires or Superhero -- what theme was the couple going for?

    Cryptonaut, flickr

    She may have taken the purple trend a bit too far.

    The BrassPotato, flickr

    Aside from the shades to protect everyone from dress glare, it's a good thing there's a string to keep the girls strapped in.

    jwinfred, flickr

    Strategically placed flowers keep this dress chic and modest.

    Lukasz Dunikowski, flickr

In fact, the organization has an entire guide to LGBT teens' rights in high school, which includes such tricky situations as when a student is forbidden to bring a same-sex date to prom or if a person is outed at school.

Lebanon High is willing to cooperate and also willing to discuss out of court the possibility of allowing the student to wear a pantsuit instead. Pantsuit?! She's 17, not 87! It sounds like this high school is behind the times in more ways than one.

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