The animal kingdom generally seems a long, long way from Fashion Week, but some designers may have taken their cues from non-human muses: jellyfish, lizards, even the Abominable Snowman. (OK, if he's not an animal, what is he?) Check out our slide show of catwalk looks that are more Nat Geo than Style Network.

Animal Fashions

    The shoes on the right graced a Fani catwalk, but the frilled lizard on the left rocked the look way before.

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    A feathery bodice on a Chanel dress highlights one's swanlike neck. And the feathers on this black swan do the same thing without the middleman.

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    Orange, looped-hem dress designed by fashion god Jean-Paul Gaultier. Hungry garter snake designed by actual God.

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    Chanel's haute couture dress has a certain Bumble the Abominable Snowman aesthetic. Does looking like a creature from the "Rudolph" TV shows make it colde couture?

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    Mayhaps a squirrel fish inspired the panels on Georges Chakra's slinky evening gown.

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    Maurizio Galante's dress glides like butter down the runway, all the while reminding us of a bright jellyfish.

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    Male frigatebirds inflate their bright red neck pouch to attract mates. Female humans wear this bright, pouch-like Valentino frock to... well, we don't actually know why anyone would wear it. Cuz that is one unflattering silhouette.

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    The neckline details on an Alexis Mabille dress echo the winking feathers of a white peacock.

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    Who wore this wavy look better: The model in Jefferson de Assis' fashion show, or a coral reef?

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    Perfect look for the out and proud Aries: designer Hu Sheguang's ram-looking headdress.

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