In a recent post, I talked to booty experts Em and Lo about my frustration at having less sex the longer I was with my guy. While I was relieved to know that my sack-session-slowdown was normal, I still wondered what other people's lust lives were really like. So I asked friends ... How much sex is enough, and how much is too much?

Here's what they had to say:

"Sex two to three times a week is more than enough for me, actually sometimes that's even too much. I've been with my boyfriend for three years and I guess we've just gotten used to each other. Most nights, we'd rather fall asleep then go through the motions of having sex." -- Rebecca, 28

"Wait, there's such a thing as too much sex?" -- Sarah, 26

"With work, graduate school and the stress of my everyday life, sex is the last thing on my mind, much to my boyfriend's dismay. So for me, once to twice a week, tops, is enough. That sounds bad doesn't it?" -- Lauren, 26

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"The first year my guy and I were together was amazing. I'd say we had sex almost every time we saw each other. Obviously as time went on, our sex lives slowed down a little, but we still make sure to find time to keep that part of our relationship going strong. If the sexual chemistry isn't there anymore, what's the fun of being in a relationship?" -- Natalie, 23

"If someone's complaining about too much sex, maybe they're with the wrong person. As for enough sex, I'd say four times a week keeps me satisfied, although I'm always game for more!" -- Kara, 23

"I think the right amount of sex is different for everyone. Taking in factors outside of my relationship has a lot to do with the number of times I have sex each week, and each week happens to be different. Sometimes I really am tired, or I really don't feel well, contrary to popular excuses! But satisfying sex is part of every good relationship. I think I average about three times a week." -- Ashley, 27

"Ugh too much sex is when I just want to watch MTV reruns after working all day and my boyfriend is hounding me to get into bed with him. But I guess I'd say enough sex is two times a week, if I'm feeling generous." -- Sam, 26

So ... how much sex do you think is enough in a relationship?