During our recent groundbreaking interviews with rocker Bret Michaels, he gave us the following love tips. Read on, then leave a comment to tell us whether you agree -- or what relationship question you'd like Bret to tackle.

The Best Advice for Women

"This is what I tell women: If you love your man, make him feel like The Man. That doesn't mean kiss his ass, it means make him feel like he's the one and then he gets excited and he doesn't cheat and he doesn't look somewhere else because you've got everything you need."

The Best Advice for Men
"I say the same thing for men. There is no doubt that girls like to have attention and to know other guys like them. But that doesn't mean they're sluts -- they like to go out and dance with their girlfriends. It makes them feel sexy so they come home and be sexy. So don't beat them down."

When to Hook Up

"I love strippers and I love dancers, but I also love if she's a lawyer. It's the connection -- the physical and the mental. People want some answer like 'I walked in the room and I found this spiritual connection.' That's bullsh*t. You walked in the room and you found someone who was attractive.

"You don't go in and go, 'I want the ugliest one in the room and then I'll sit around all night to figure out if she's got something to say.' You go in and hope for a physical attraction and then when everyone opens their mouth you discover there's something else going on."

When to Break Up
"The moment a relationship is over is the minute your girlfriend is out dancing and a guy makes a move and she slips him her number just to maybe talk. The minute that cracks, the relationship is over. If I'm in love with someone, there can be 50 hot naked girls on the bus, I'm gonna party with them, but I'm not looking to f*ck any of them."

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