Think you hid your hurt well after your best friend told you that skirt makes your butt look fat? Nope, you probably looked just as upset as you felt inside (like German Chancellor Angela Merkel, pictured here). That's because women's faces are easier to read than men's.

Your Face, Your Feelings
A new study found that people are better able to read and identify traits in women's faces. Researchers at the University of Glasgow had 1,000 people submit photos and fill out a questionnaire rating how lucky, humorous, religious and trustworthy they believed themselves to be. They then asked 6,500 people to identify the lucky, humorous, religious and trustworthy faces. (You can try out the experiment here.)

When it came to female faces, 70 percent of participants correctly identified the lucky face, and 73 percent correctly identified the religious one. Participants found it nearly impossible to accurately identify the male pictures.

"People do associate facial appearance with certain personality traits and our snap judgments of faces really do suggest a kernel of truth about the personality of their owner," said researcher Dr. Rob Jenkins. He added that the study shows "people readily associate facial appearance with certain personality traits. It's possible that there is some correlation between appearance and personality because both are influenced by our genetic make-up."

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Nice Looking = Nicer?
Or maybe it's about attractiveness. Another study said that when asked to correctly guess the personalities of two people in pictures, viewers ascribed positive traits like kindness and happiness to good-looking people.

And even though we're sure you've run into a few hot people with trollish personalities, other research says that while a man's looks dictate what kind of personality he develops, it's the opposite for a woman -- the nicer she is, the more attractive she will seem. So how 'bout a smile, Sourpuss?

Since we already heavily judge people on appearance and make first impressions count a lot, will these ties between our mugs and our behavioral makeup bring the dawn of a new form of discrimination? Will we take one look at someone and not only think, "That haircut makes her face look fat," but also, "She looks unfunny?"

Tell us: Have you correctly judged someone's personality based on how they look? When have you been proven wrong?