Here's an awkward way to get back at someone: Place her photo and phone number on a raunchy Craigslist ad, and watch as the sex-crazed phone calls come flooding in. Some d-bag in Texas actually did this, and now he faces charges of harassment.

The guy posted the ad on Valentine's Day, giving the number of his poor, unsuspecting co-worker -- whom he had tried to date multiple times. The ad included photos stolen from her MySpace page and claimed that she would "moan like Shamu." She received over 200 sex-soliciting messages and phone calls.

When she confronted her coworker (Sean Kirkland, pictured above), he admitted to placing the ad and even sent her a text message saying, "it was a joke sorry we did it we won't do anything again." (Way to incrimate yourself, buddy!) Craigslist has since deleted the ad, and Texas cops are investigating.

Gee, he seems like a great guy -- no idea why she wasn't interested.