"What's in a name?" There might be more answers to that famous question from "Romeo and Juliet" than you think. Scientists have found that people's names may dictate what they do with their lives.

One study found that people associate particular names with luck and beauty. Another found that the "girlieness" of a female's name can affect her job success and personality -- vowel-heavy monikers like Isabella or Anna put you at the top of the feminine ladder and make you sound sexier to guys.

Researchers from Ghent University found that people are more likely to work at a place where their initials match those of the company's after analyzing a database with information about Belgian employees who work full-time.

We've definitely seen this happen (like the climbing instructor we know named Cliff). Take these people whose names actually match their professions. Such as ...

Carla Dove channels her birdie side as director of feather identification at the Smithsonian.

Phillippa Sibley Cooke is a renowned chef.

Penn Kemp is a noted Canadian poet, playwright and novelist.

Jade Trau may not be known for green stone accessories, but she makes a living as a jewelry designer.

Nancy Greenspan makes strides for planet Earth as environmental activist.

Margaret Booker is the executive director of the Missouri Library Association.

Melody Gardot is a jazz singer and musician.

Tell us! Does your name have anything to do with your job? Do you know anyone with the perfect name for their position?