You probably give better advice than most paid advice columnists, right? Well, our friend Leif is ready to take you up on that. Leave a comment with your advice.

Leif's question: "I dated a girl for a few months before eventually breaking it off because it didn't seem to be going anywhere. A month after breaking up, we ran into each other and -- because the sexual part of our relationship was always great -- began having a casual-sex relationship. It was made clear that neither of us wanted to reestablish a relationship.

"This went on for a bit, but after a while she started to lose it. She would claim to have her feelings hurt by little things I said, and decided we shouldn't see each other any more.

"We still haven't really talked about it yet, even though she claims she will eventually get over it and be my friend again. What gives? Why did she flip out? Is it possible for two adults to have an honest, friendly, respectful sexual relationship without it getting emotionally complicated?"

Ladies, let's help him out. Is it really possible to do the "no-strings" thing? Let him know in the comments.

About our Charity Case: Leif works as a wine importer and enjoys making music most people call "weird." He enjoys cooking and eating great food and wine -- and great company. Leif's also ready to prove that you don't have to be a girl to really get down with Riesling.