If you've ever sneaked a peek at your significant other's e-mail or Facebook page, you are far from alone. A Virgin Media survey of 1,000 men and women found that 28 percent of women snoop on their partners by logging into their social networking accounts (guess it's time to change that password, dudes).

Up to 64 percent of those under 35 admitted to pulling a Veronica Mars on a loved one. Women are more likely than men to spy (despite hilarious film evidence to the contrary, like "The Pink Panther").

"Why?" you may ask. Perhaps it's because you want to chuckle at your man's lame attempt to hide his porn folder amongst his boring files. It might be something more sinister, such as extreme paranoia that one's partner is cheating because of past experiences with infidelity.

One thing's for sure: If you're going to snoop, try your best not to get caught. As College Candy notes, "Lots of times, the female intuition is right, and cheating has certainly been taking place. Other times, there is no cheating whatsoever, and if he catches you snooping, you can come off looking like a crazy, neurotic nut bag and he will dump you -- justifiably."

Plus, if you do find something weird, it's often hard to tell the guy without letting on that you were prying ... and that makes you the bad guy.

Of course, if you are a crazy, neurotic nut bag, then you're really not going to care what anyone thinks. Just know that paranoia can be a two-way street, and your partner just might be snooping on you.

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