I watched it unfold before my very eyes: Scott's Facebook status changed.
Scott went from being "in a relationship" to "single."

Within seconds, the vultures descended upon the rotting corpse of Scott's relationship ...

Carra: So sorry to hear that. What happened?
Jill: I always thought I was your always and forever girlfriend.
Andrea: I'm so sorry. Call me.
And so on.

When you're interested in a guy, of course you check his page regularly. And when you see that he's suddenly single, you get excited.

But how long should you wait to begin the flirting after his Facebook relationship status has changed? I asked my Facebook posse' and got pretty much the same response from everyone: "Immediately, if not sooner." "Depends on how fast you can move." "Less than 30 seconds."

Social networking expert Cara Jedell, host of the popular Internet show "Funny in Bed" says you can flirt as usual, but that super-obviously swooping in is tacky. "Post some hot pics of yourself, and wait for him to come to you," she says. "Same rules apply whether you are looking for love online or not. Let him be the cyber man."

So what do you think? Have you ever taken advantage of a guy's recent "loss" to make your move?

CJ Arabia writes the "How to Get Laid ... Off" column and is a frequent Lemondrop blogger.