Just in case you were wondering, the official odds of Barack Obama saying the word "banana" in his inaugural speech are 1,000:1.

For those people who can never have enough gambling in their lives (ahem, Grandma), Swedish online betting site Betsson has an entire list of words and their probability of being spoken by the president-elect. So if bingo night is canceled for MLK Day, you and your friends can get your fix by betting on the odds that Obama will accidentally swear, mention the Axis of Evil or talk about Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríquez-Zapatero.

Betsson is also giving odds on what kind of dog the First Pet will be (most likely is Labradoodle -- 1.75:1 odds; least likely is bulldog at 100:1). Maybe that's because, according to the site, he's also more likely to say "puppy" than "Martin Luther King" in his speech. We'll just see about that.