If you've ever watched an afternoon talk show or a prime-time soap, you've seen loads of commercials hawking the latest innovations in toaster pastries, mop technology and deodorizing spray.

Some of them are innocuous, some of them are obnoxious (hello, ShamWow!) but some are just downright offensive. From women who do laundry in heels to the play date where giddy moms compulsively eat chips, TV spots still convey images that we'd think would be gone by the 21st century. (Namely, that we're supposed to spend all our time in the kitchen.)

#10: Electrolux
Kelly Ripa is a talk show host, actress and married mother. But her myriad endorsements, like this Electrolux spot, tend to portray her as some kind of bionic housewife. Sure, she can probably mix a batter and glaze a cake, but balancing bowl of pudding on her stiletto? Retro and unsanitary.

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Think Pink

    Casio Exilim This digital camera only takes pictures of pretty princesses.


    Cuisinart Pink 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker A coffeemaker that adds the artificial sweetener for you.


    Hot Pink Glock A girly Glock, for all your shootin' needs (see "The Brave One" for further explanation).

    Jim's Gun Supply

    Crescent Pink Kids Toy Acoustic Guitar Bejeweled pantsuit and lizard cowboy boots optional.


    Smith and Wesson Pink Handgun This gun's camouflage is designed to blend in at a Hello Kitty convention.

    Jim's Gun Supply

    Miss Army Knife Avec fingernail file (phew), and oh-so-cute.

    Miss Army Knife

    Sony Playstation This Playstation refuses to play World of Warcraft.


    Hinari Limited Edition Pink Microwave Only microwaves Lean Cuisines.


    Cuisinart Pink Pizza Cutter Makes even the most fattening pizza pies taste girly and light!


    Terraillon FBC Noyo Family Body Control Scale Reminding you of your feminine mandate for slimness.