#3: Glade Scented-Oil Candles
How dare this woman be too busy and/or disinterested to bake! Please judge or empathize with her immediately.

#2: Yoplait
In the gem below, a woman lists all the desserts she's been eating, while the man in her life searches frantically for her stashed treats. Is he hungry? Has she not been baking enough? Or is he just terrified she won't be able to fit into that alluring hoodie after all those "apple turnovers?" Fortunately, it turns out all she's really scarfing are varieties of Yoplait. WHEW!

#1: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
If Mr. Clean is supposed to be the answer to our cleaning problems, then why can't he actually clean something? Oh, right, he's a dude. Just stand there with your arms crossed, Big Guy, we'll take care of this one.

Tell Us: What other commercials have you seen that are somewhat offensive or just plain annoying?

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All ads from Stanford School of Medicine's' collection "Not a Cough in a Carload," courtesy of New York Public Library.