A little rain, sleet or snow isn't going to get between you and a night of dancing to Lady GaGa. But a bout of pneumonia brought on by standing in line in a backless mini-dress just might. So how can you hit the club and still look foxy without freezing your butt off? Play it safe with these going-out guidelines.

Bust Out the Tights

Your legs will be protected from the winter chill, and no one will be the wiser if you opt out of shaving. You can always go with basic black, but why not add oomph to your LBD with a fierce lacy pair like Silence & Noise's Striped Lace Legging ($34), or a bold hue like Topshop's teal tights ($12)?

Go Easy on the Accessories
A winter coat is a must on a frigid night out, but accessories like hats, gloves and scarves can be hard to keep track of and will often wind up in the club's lost -and-found bin. And let's not even talk about hat hair. Make do with a coat and a pair of gloves lean enough to slip into a coat pocket when you check it.

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Beware of the Open Toe
Harsh weather can wreak havoc on exposed feet, drying out skin and numbing your little piggies. Swap your strappy sandals for a pair of closed-toe platform pumps, tall high-heeled boots or the season's "it" shoe, the bootie -- we like Chinese Laundry's Cosmos ($71.47). A bootie works with pants or a dress and gives your foot better support than a stiletto -- which will come in handy on an icy sidewalk.

Watch those Nips
Who needs the Weather Channel when your nipples are at full mast? To avoid this, skip flimsy bras and/or double up with a nipple shield like Her Look's Low Beams.

Mix It Up
Instead of throwing a boring black cardigan over your party dress, try a fitted boy's blazer like this one from Urban Renewal ($58) or a leather jacket -- think Kate Moss. Both add hip masculine counterpoints to a feminine frock.

Research the Coat-Check Situation
Unless you have a chauffeur taking you door to door, you'll want to bring along a coat. Most clubs offer some sort of coat-check service, usually for a few bucks. If they don't and you'll be partying in a reserved banquette area, stashing your coat there isn't a big deal. But if you and your pals will be on the dance floor all night, consider swapping your parka for a lightweight throw like Humanoid's knotted shawl ($62.50) instead. You can squeeze it into your purse or throw it around your neck or waist while you dance.

Pants are Your Friend
Dress, schmess. A nice-fitting pair of snug jeans can be just as alluring. Wear a sexy halter top with skinny jeans tucked into tall boots, or stay cozy in your favorite pair of hip-hugging black trousers. We love Cheap Monday's black skinnies ($59) -- perfect for work and the clubs.

Keep It Simple

If you're headed to a casual bar or a lounge where you'll be perched on a banquette all night, you can stay warm in a figure-hugging sweater or belted sweater dress. But if your agenda for the evening calls for dancing your butt off, excess layers and bulky fabrics will just weigh you down. Clubs are typically steamy, sweaty dance factories year-round, and you don't want to be the cashmere-clad gal sweating into her martini. Your best bet: a fabulous dress worn over tights, and a jacket being babysat by the coat-check girl.

Tell us: Do you have any fashion advice for winter partying? What's your go-to club-hopping outfit this season?