You probably give better advice than most paid advice columnists, right? Well, our friend John is ready to take you up on that. Leave a comment with your advice.

John's question: "I have two kids who I love dearly, and I'm separated from my wife. More often than not, ladies seem to bail when this comes up in conversation. Should I wait longer to drop this bomb in hopes that they'll dig me more and feel more committed to me? Or should I bring it up early on so we don't waste our time?"

Ladies, let's help him out. Should John fess up about his parental status straightaway, or take some time before he breaks the news?

About our Charity Case: John (pictured here with his four-year-old daughter) works as a handyman. He lives in upstate N.Y. and loves hitting up swimming holes and picking berries in the summer. His favorite kinds of dogs are mutts.