Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is doing it, and so is Nicole Richie. Mischa Barton just launched her own line. In fact, if we had a quarter for every forehead bound by a hippie headband, we'd have enough money to bail out Detroit and bankroll another Sarah Palin shopping spree.

There's no denying that the headband (the kind that wraps around, not over, the head) is a major trend. The question: Is it one we can get behind, or is it destined to go the way of the banana clip and crimping iron? For every too-cool-for-school bohemian goddess looking like the secret love child of Jimi Hendrix and Pocahontas, there's a fashion victim looking like she just Irish step-danced out of Michael Flatley's dressing room. This is a look that demands confidence, a certain indie swagger and an inner voice telling you when to lay off the feathers. Up for the challenge? Sure? Just adhere to these Dos and Don'ts to keep yourself out of the fashion police lineup.

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DO Feel free to experiment Trends wouldn't be trends without an element of danger (in this case, fashion suicide). This look may not be for everyone, but you'll never really know for sure unless you try it, right?

DON'T Kid yourself If you rarely venture out of the Gap, prefer penny loafers to pumps and have been known to throw a tennis sweater over your shoulders, perhaps trying to pass yourself off as a "Summer of Love" refugee won't work. Find a headband that works with your personal style, and, if you can't, don't try to force it.

DO Get a trusted second opinion Bring a gal pal (read: not frenemy) to the store to help you rate the look. This person will be your fall guy should your headband not go over too well with the general public.

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DON'T Do the baby's first photo shoot Oh sure, giant blooms and frilly bows are adorable. That's why parents slap them liberally on their infant daughters' foreheads -- well that, and gender identification. Proceed with caution if you have a crazy need to be taken seriously.

DO Jazz up a special-occasion look Just as wearing a ginormous hat is kosher so long as you're swigging back mint juleps at the Kentucky Derby, so is wearing a more dramatic headband for a big party, New Year's Eve, wedding, or other special event. Try out feathers for a taste of flapper girl fun, or road test one of's elaborate get-ups.

DON'T Be shy Listen, confidence is the glue holding this look together. Fidgeting or taking your headband on and off are sure signals that you don't think you can pull off the look. And if you're not convinced, how is anyone else supposed to be?

DO Play with your jewelry We hear Nicole Richie turns vintage chain necklaces into glitzy crowns. The trick to this is finding a necklace with the right length, but the glam potentials are irresistible.

DON'T Be afraid to go simple Still feeling a little gun-shy? There's no harm in trying a simple braided leather or suede band in brown or black.

DO Cut the cord A long hanging tassel in the back of your band looks like a rat tail. Instead, look for headbands that don't have any extra material hanging down.

DON'T Go too tight No, your head's not too big. It's the band that's too small! If you feel like your head is stuck in a vice, pop an aspirin and take the darn thing off. There's no sense leaving tell-tale band marks branded onto your poor forehead, so look for a style with some elasticity, and don't wear it any longer than you have to.

Tell us: Are you wild about the headband trend, or do you think it's just weird?