There's nothing like the holiday season for spreading joy and promoting goodwill. And there's nothing like holiday travel for putting a bullet in the head of that ill-conceived universal goodwill.

And now it's worse than ever. Higher ticket prices, extra charges for bags, more expensive in-flight cocktails (have you no decency, Delta?), all just add more insult to injury. In fact, the only travelers seeing their luck improve are overweight Canadians, who now have the legal right to purchase two seats for the price of one.

But the misery that is airline travel isn't solely the fault of the airlines themselves. Our fellow passengers do their part, too (remember "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles"?).

To wit, we've compiled a list of the worst offenders in the aggravating airline passenger yearbook. Check it out, and see who you recognize. And, of course, let us know who we forgot.

Most Annoying Airline Passengers

    14. The idiot who stands in the aisle rearranging their bag before stowing it in the overhead compartment.

    freedryk, Flickr

    13. The jerk who keeps using their phone even after the flight attendant has asked them to turn it off so the plane can leave.

    Snakes on a Plane,

    12. The one person on every single flight who seems to think their feet don't stink when they take off their shoes.

    macbiff, Flickr

    11. The late passenger who ruins your dream of having an empty seat next to you for once.

    Carol Hartsell

    10. Everyone in First Class. They won't even deign to look at you when you board.

    garyhyme, Flickr

    9. The person in the aisle seat who fastens their belt as soon as they sit down, only to sigh loudly when having to unbuckle and stand up to let in the other passengers.

    seanmunson, Flickr

    8. The one who refuses to admit that their bag is too large for the overhead compartment.

    vincent®, Flickr

    7. The people with the neck pillows. Often honeymooners or Scientologists...or in a worst case scenario, both.

    6. The guy who snores the entire flight. Often the same culprit as #5.

    caribb, Flickr

    5. The guy who still thinks it's ok to recline in coach.

    newyork808, Flickr