While we're obviously thrilled about all 1,068 new species discovered in Vietnam's Mekong Delta over the last ten years, the pink dragon millipede (below) holds a special place in our hearts. Envision, if you will, a Venn diagram of Lemondrop interests: One circle represents pink, another represents animals, and the overlap between the two -- the pink animal area -- represents a virtual explosion of Lemondrop love.

Inspired by our new friend the dragon millipede, we went on a search for more pink creatures. Flamingos were excluded from consideration because their hue is not natural, and pigs were excluded because, though adorable, they were just too obvious. We like a good challenge almost as much as we like pink.

Click here to see the other pink animals we found (hint: DOLPHIN!).

Pink Amazon River Dolphin
The Amazon river dolphin is the world's largest freshwater dolphin, and it's also considered the most intelligent -- its brain capacity is 40 percent greater than that of humans. (See? Pink = smart.) They're normally found in the Amazon and Orinoco river regions of South America, but the adorable little guy below was actually spotted in Louisiana.

Pink Amblycorypha Katydid
This beautiful bug's lovely hue comes from a genetic condition (can't really call pink a defect) known as erythrism. We're not sure what circumstances made natural selection favor this adaptation -- pink trees, perhaps? -- but we certainly support it. In fact, we're interested in catching a little erythrism ourselves. The katydid below was spotted in New York, and others have been seen in Michigan, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Sadly, we've reached the end of our pink animal exploration. But oh, it was beautiful while it lasted. So incredibly beautiful.

Tell us: Did we miss anything? Do you know of any other naturally pink creatures?