Forget that it's eight days till Christmas. The real countdown clock shows we're only halfway through a party season that doesn't end until the first day of 2009. Meaning, you've still got plenty of time to try the season's hottest beauty trend: Glitter.

The same makeup you wear to the office doesn't cut it against a sequined black party dress and dancing heels, but glitter is a perfect (and beautifully sparkly) fix. It's easy to add and sparks up any look instantly. Just don't go cray-cray: A little glitz goes a long way.

Pick up Too Faced's Mini Starry Eyed ($25) set, and use the glitter liners on top of your eyeliner or dot them around your eyes for a sparkly effect. Highlight your peepers by dotting the lighter champagne color across your brow bone, then tap to blend with your ring finger.


Just ... don't. Unless you're dressing up like Oz's Tin Man, glitter, no matter how delicately applied, will never look good there.

'Tis the season to luxe up your lashes! First, grab a tube of mascara and a loose glitter powder, like Bare Escentuals Extreme Glimmers ($32). Dip your mascara wand into the pot of glitter, then apply as usual. The mascara grabs the glitter and locks it onto your lashes for a dazzling wink.

Glitter-crusted hairdo? That's so Prom '98. Frederic Fekkai's new spray-on hair crystals ($18.50) are mico-mini flecks of soft, light-catching glitter pieces, and the spray won't turn your hair into pre-boiled spaghetti strands.

Keep your lips glittered, glossed and chap-free by layering a shimmery gloss (we like Bobbi Brown's, $19) over a glitter-flecked lipstick (try Sephora's, $6) It's twice the glimmer and staying power with none of the cracked, dried, flaking mess.