The holidays may be the most wonderful time of the year, but they're also the busiest. With so many demands on your time and your wallet, it can be hard to make quality time with your guy. But with a little creative connecting, you can boost your bond, whether you've been married for years or just met him under the mistletoe last week.

Bake a Deux

Strap on an apron, and get things cooking! There is something about playing in the kitchen together that definitely creates a bonding experience. Particularly good is anything that requires icing. Playfully dab it on his nose (or yours) and then lean in for a kiss. (Don't blame us if the cookies never get frosted.)

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Burn Sick Days If you can't take your sick days with you into 2009, spend 'em! Playing hooky together will makes your chemistry sizzle, not only because you'll feel like you're doing something slightly clandestine as a couple but because it allows you precious "found" time together during this overscheduled season. If anyone asks where you were the next day, just say you were stuck in bed (cough, cough).

Start a New Tradition
It could be staking out the best cup of hot cocoa in the city or stringing popcorn while watching "Elf." Whatever the activity, big or small, the idea is to participate in some ritual that can become an annual thing if your relationship progresses. Not only will you have fun in the moment, it'll have special meaning when you do it again next year.

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Take Advantage of the Season
Make a date for a winter sport like skiing, sledding, skating, snowboarding or snowshoeing, or just start a snowball fight. The adrenaline makes you excited to be around one another, and the weather means you have to huddle for warmth.

Party Swap
Instead of planning to meet up after your respective obligations, cut the time you spend at each event in half, and go together. You won't just meet each other's friends and get to spend more time with one another, you'll also be presenting yourselves as a duo, which adds another layer to your dynamics.

Have a Hallmark Moment
Delight your guy with cute but not-too-mushy holiday cards signed with sexy sentiments to let him know you're thinking. Send them in the mail for an added surprise. He'll get a wry smile when he sees a card from you among the holiday cards from his relatives ... especially if you sign it, "See you under the mistletoe."

Get Charitable
Doing a good deed together will not only make you feel well ... good, it will also promote bonding by reminding you both how fortunate you are not only to have everything you do but also each other! Try giving your time to a charity, or go shopping for a Santa's angel gift together. You'll both come away richer.

Kimberly Dawn Neumann is author of the new book "The Real Reasons Men Commit: Why He Will – or Won't – Love, Honor and Marry You."

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