Santa goes through a lot during the holidays -- from crying babies to kids with endless wish lists. However, one pet-store St. Nick had to defend himself against an animal who tried to put the claws in Santa Claus.

The man vs. beast drama unfolded during a charity event last weekend at a New Jersey PetsMart, where people brought their pets to be photographed with Santa. Jonathan Bebbington, who played Santa, was clawed and bitten by a large cat during the photo shoot.

"It bit my wrist and my hand several times. It actually drew blood," Bebbington told a local paper. "It had very powerful jaws and big teeth, and could probably have bitten the hand off a baby or small child."

Turns out that the pretty kitty was actually someone's "pet" bobcat, and it freaked out after seeing the dogs in the store. Benny the cat weighed about 30 pounds and was still considered a kitten (bobkitten?).

After the incident occurred and the picture was developed, the cat and its owner disappeared. Onlookers said the owner mentioned that she had a permit for the Wyoming-bred animal and that it was vaccinated.

Unfortunately, Bebbington (who'll continue to play Santa) may have to go through a series of painful rabies shots starting Thursday if the cat's medical records aren't found.

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