Designed your dream wedding gown, picked out furniture for your dream home, and still need a little more fantasy activity to round out your day? Head to MakeMeBabies, where you can upload your own photo along with your guy's to see what your future offspring will look like. (And yes, using George Clooney is perfectly acceptable.)

To test out the tool, we uploaded two celebrity snapshots to see what their potential kid would look like.

The little cutie (OK, that might be an exaggeration) at left is the product of two very recognizable stars -- can you guess who they are? Hint: One's known for being beautiful, and the other ... well, isn't. And, they both have last names that start with the letter "B."

Click here to see who mommy and daddy are.

It's Baby Banks-Black! Daddy is Jack Black, and mommy is Tyra Banks. Here's how it happened:

Now, go make your own babies! Click here to send us the outcome, and we might include it in a future celebrity-spawn guessing game.

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