You think you've made out with the worst kisser ever? Well, did he suck on your face hard enough to cause hearing loss?

Yes, in what we're calling the Kiss of Deaf, a man in China Hoovered his gf's mouth so hard that the negative pressure sucked her eardrum out and ruptured it. (Um, BLEAGGGH.) She suffered hearing loss, was treated by physicians at a local hospital and is expected to recover in about two months.

We were skeptical about the plausibility of kissing-induced-deafness (we've all been burned by weird-news hoaxes before) so we turned to the authorities.

"The suction action produced by the passionate kiss was the etiology for damage to the person's hearing," says Charles Bell, M.D., health expert at "It is not absurd, but it may sound strange."

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Apparently, there are cases of this happening before, but previously documented instances were attributed to mouth-to-ear smooches, not the lip-locking kind.

Click here to find out what causes smooch-deafness ...

But experts agree it could happen. "I don't think there is any chance a kiss (even a long, smoldering, starts-in-your-belly and tingles to your toes one) could cause hearing loss, but the world is full of stranger things, I guess. Most likely a coincidence: a viral infection (which can abruptly cause deafness) accidentally coincides with the kiss," says Dr. Bruce Mann, M.D., another expert.

Terrifying, sure, but look on the bright side -- if you ever need an excuse not to make out with somebody, freak medical phenomena can come in handy.

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