I was having dinner with a girlfriend when the topic of sex inevitably came up. She was talking about her election night hookup when she offhandedly said "... but, you know, I can make any sex good." The boldness of that statement immediately sparked my interest. Any sex?? Is that even possible? And if so, why don't I know about this wondrous skill?

According to Taryn, if she ends up with a dud in the sack, all she has to do is take control of the situation. Literally. And it is more than just getting on top (although that's always good) or trying to toss him around (and so is that) -- it is about releasing your inhibitions. No worrying about unflattering angles or your future walk of shame. Instead, just doing anything that makes you feel good, regardless of what you think of the dude's skill level or the chemistry of that particular moment.

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It sounded way too easy, so I asked Allen Berger, Ph.D., author of "Love Secrets Revealed: Why Happy Couples Know About Having Great Sex, Deep Intimacy, and a Lasting Connection," what he thought of her theory. "The best sex occurs when we allow ourselves to surrender to our passion," he agreed.

And according to Berger, "If a woman does that, she can take a man anywhere she wants to go." Meaning that guys are so turned on that A. you are taking control and B. you are obviously enjoying yourself, that you can be sure they will be having just as much fun as you are.

Worst-case scenario? The guy still sucks in bed, but at least you get yours. Best-case -- and way more likely -- you change the course of your encounter, show him what you like, and you both get into it.

There are plenty of times to hold back, such as at work or at the Chinese buffet, but during sex is not one of them. So the prescription for great sex all the time? Take control, and do whatever you want! Yell his name, demand everything you want him to do, and if he's still not getting it, show him yourself. It's doctor's orders!