Like our taste in makeup hues or angora versus wool, women's creative juices flow at different times, too.

As the more right-brained sex, we are naturally creative creatures, with lots of thoughts bouncing around at any given time. Certainly each person's circadian rhythm plays a role in what time of day she feels her best. But the situations and circumstances that spark our best ideas, well, those vary from lady to lady.

(Suffice it to say, moments of genius rarely occur during the tenth hour of staring at a computer screen willing a killer solution to materialize.)

Check out what women across the country had to say about when they get their best ideas:

"I get my best ideas when I am doing my hair, makeup or I'm in the shower. They just start creeping in when I am not trying to think so hard. When I can finally just take a minute for me, that's when I finally think of the solution to that problem I've been trying to figure out or a creative way of looking at a project." -- Marsha, Baltimore

"After a nap, definitely. I am still in school, and I'm studying to be a nurse, so naps are still a key part of my day. When I wake up, I have clarity and a stronger sense of the approach I want to take in a given situation. I make better decisions, and think more clearly and creatively." -- Toi, Kansas City

"I do my best thinking early in the morning when my brain is fresh and I have just woken up. I sit down with my coffee, and I can really concentrate and get my creative juices flowing." -- Susan, Chicago

"I get my best ideas at night, after I've worked out, while I'm in the shower -- my brain's awake but it's not otherwise occupied." -- Caitlin, New York

"Sometimes I get my best ideas while I am sitting in a movie theater watching a movie. In the dark when I am just relaxed, sometimes my mind starts to wander, and I think of the most awesome things." -- Becky, St. Louis

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