You know you've got one -- the friend you have to buy for. Of course, you love the silly goose, but half the time he or she drives you crazy.

Maybe it's your brother's annoying girlfriend (or just your plain old brother). Your BFF from the second grade who you no longer have anything in common with but still talk to for "old times' sake." The creepy guy who weirds you out but gets you into all the free concerts you want.

Having a frenemy can be tough, and buying for him or her even tougher. But there are gifts your friend will love -- and that might even benefit you (and your friendship!). Fortunately, we've mastered the art of serving up the perfect jab with a bow on top. Check out our suggestions to get started, then click here for more cool gift ideas.

Perfect Gifts for Your Frenemy

    For the vegetarian (c'mon, it's hilarious!): Wacky bandages $9, Fred Flare.

    You can pretend it's because she's a chef, but everyone else knows it's because she's psycho: Chef's knife earrings $50, Uncommon Goods.

    For the brother who refuses to shave that thing off: Braun Series 7 electric shaver $289, Braun.

    For the one who's always asking to borrow a tampon: Womens Hand Made Retro "Mermaid" Personal Case $24.99, Amazon.

    Just so everyone knows who they're dealing with: In One Ear, Out the Other earrings $36, Shadowbox Art.

    For the one who can't find Mr. Right: Kiss Me frog prince $54, Sundog Company.

    For the one who could use some good luck: Garden in a Bag: Good Luck Clover $7.95, ShopSCAD.

    For the one with the POS car: Bell Sports Inc. Bell Premium Roadside Emergency Kit $21.99 - $44.55, AOL Shopping.

    For the prickly one: Barbed wire dinnerware $10 - $14 each, ShopSCAD.

    Because the more time your roommate spends at yoga class, the less chance she has to hog the TV: Devi "Earth" Yoga Mat $119.95, Devi Mats.