Some folks are impossible to shop for: They've got enough money for anything imaginable, or they have such great taste you're scared to give it a go. But just because they're picky doesn't mean you're off the hook.

That's why we've rounded up some unique gifts for the type who seems to have everything. Add a card explaining why it's perfect for them (hint: compliment something they're not usually praised for), and your gift will become a meaningful gesture they remember for years.

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Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

    For the person with countless friends: sola® Passage Slider Collage Frame $64.99, Kohl's.

    For the cold-weather friend: Men's Chaps Classic Leather Gloves/Women's Simply Vera Vera Wang Zip Pocket Leather Gloves $45/$65, Kohl's.

    For the burgeoning art collector: "Owlspeak" mixed media painting $35, ShopSCAD.

    For the world traveler: 100 Places Every Woman Should Go (Travelers' Tales) $11.53, Amazon.

    For your boho best friend: Mitzy Jonkheer "You bring joy to my heart" bracelet $95, Edge of Urge a>

    For the movie buff: Holly Golightly sleep mask $14, Fred Flare.

    For the fashionista: Little Black Dress Eyeshadow Set $25, Kitson.

    For the green thumb who's stuck in the city: Flowers in a can $11, Fred Flare.

    For the photographer who always forgets to actually develop their film: Throw a B&H Video gift card into a cute photo album, $20 and up, B&H Video.

    For the edgy but trendy gal: Handmade headband by Monica Burnett $35, Cut + Paste.