Chances are, if you receive a tacky coffee mug with someone else's name accidentally left on the gift card, it'll come from a woman.

A survey by Facebook app Webgiftr found that 18 percent of U.S. women, versus 11 percent of men, re-gift things they've gotten on previous holidays to someone else. Um, we prefer the term recycling, but whatever.

Obviously, people pass past presents on to others because they don't like or have a use for them. On the Webgiftr survey, 84 percent had gotten a gift they hated, with the top tankers including soap on a rope and an electric nail file (these gift-givers must think you're uncoordinated or just lazy). Keep in mind that a re-gift is an unused present, so that unsightly sweater Grandma knitted you last year that you were forced to wear every time you saw her is not eligible.

As often as people seem to re-gift, they make a lot of pretty lazy mistakes that blow their cover, like leaving the card from the original gift-giver or not re-wrapping.

If you really can't fight the urge to recycle your presents, at least do it with some dignity by following a few wise tips. And to keep people from re-gifting your offerings, avoid these lousy gift ideas. (Need good suggestions? Try these.)

Tell us: Have you ever re-gifted? Fess up!