Knitting's been a hipster sport for, like, ever by now. And the explosion of crafter blogs has made it even easier for artists to share their witty knits.

We scoured the Web to bring you the coolest, cutest, weirdest and most twisted designs. Click below to view, then link to your own favorite craft projects in the comments or send the pictures to us.

Kooky Knitting Projects

    Elephant gun Meet "Gun Shy," created by Anna at Mochimochi (FYI: "mochi" is a Japanese ice cream!). Don't worry, this cute pachydermal plush doesn't really want to shoot anyone.

    Toilet paper We're not sure why this remnant on the roll is so sad...or why anyone would want a knit swath of TP. But it sure is cute, right?

    Fractured femurs Let's just hope these are intended as a dog chew toy...or a special gift for a huge fan of "Bones."

    Horned beetle A classic stuffed animal shaped like (what else?!) the bug called kabuto mushi. The artist named him Simon and is super glad she finally has an insect around her NYC apartment that she isn't afraid of.

    Mario scarf There's a blog dedicated to this "extreme-geek" knitting project of creating an entire tapestry of the first level of the Nintendo game Mario.

    Boob This knitted gem was clearly inspired by (tee hee) sweater pillows.

    Princess Leia hat Created by Ansley of the Blue Arts blog, this design is perfect for the woman looking to both stay warm in winter and appease her nerd boyfriend's "Star Wars" fetish.

    Dust bunnies Mochimochi Land is the brainchild of New York knitter Anna Hrachovec, who says she draws her inspiration from Japanese culture. Maybe that explains her desire to cute-ify a household mess and put instructions up for others on her site.

    Vibrator cozy It takes care of you, sure, but even your vibrator can get lonely sometimes. That's why it has this Black Flag sweater to snuggle up to. Because when we think Black Flag, we think cozy...don't you?

    Knitted food There's no shortage of yarn delicacies on Etsy, but this plate of a carrot and tangerine takes the cake. Did the artist only have two colors of yarn? Or is this just a balanced meal?