Who're you calling shallow? Ladies, our interest in beauty isn't just skin deep, it goes all the way to the ends of our longest locks. And to prove it, this column is dedicated to HAIR ... and some of the curious products marketed for it.

Although this device looks like a prop from the last sci-fi horror flick you didn't watch, it's actually called a Blo & Go. If that makes you think of hairdryers instead of something filthy, award yourself some points.

The gadget suction-cups to your bathroom mirror and acts as a harness for your blow dryer, suspending it above your head for hands-free styling. Good idea? Possibly. Good way to hit yourself in the head with your own hairdryer? Absolutely.

Good ol' Bosley has been doing hair grafts on bald men for years, and now he's expanded his practice to (ahem) eyebrow transplants. He cuts out strips of hair -- follicles and all -- from a forested region, and surgically replants them on clear-cut spots. Finally -- your love of the Brooke Shields look can be realized with your very own hair.


At-home hair dye is a gift from the gods. The mess and stink of at-home hair dye, however, is not. If you've got three-inch roots that need attention, like, right now, Oscar Blandi's Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up & Highlighting Pens can fit you in for a coloring anytime, anywhere.

The pens come in five colors and are heavily pigmented enough to cover any hair color. So technically, you can turn your school bathroom or the gym locker room into your own private salon.

Tell us: Would you ever use any of these products?