Sociological researchers' latest conundrum: is it better to get married earlier or later in life?

The debate is framed in a new USA Today article lovingly named "Is there an ideal age for first marriage?" (We imagine the next piece in their installment: "Is there an ideal age for first divorce?")

Later and Later
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average age women got married in 1890 was 22. Today, it's closer to 26 (28 for men), the oldest it's ever been. Back in the 1940s, the ideal age for women to tie the knot was 21, but now it's 25 according to a Gallup poll. It makes sense we're waiting to walk down the aisle given the fact humans now live well past age 50 and many women have become as career-oriented and financially secure as men.

One reason people are waiting? It now takes us longer to become, well, adults. People are staying in school longer than ever and in this economy, spending longer getting established in careers. Sociologists also point out that couples used to get married out of financial necessity; now that women can support themselves they're able to hold out for someone they want (rather than need) to marry.

Which group is two to three times more likely to divorce? (After the jump.)

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Is It Good for Love?
Some argue that marrying young is still the way to go: You're at your prime for child-rearing and still have the energy to enjoy kids and your spouse. Though many researchers have found that couples who marry before the age of 20 are two to three times more likely to divorce. Mature marriage advocates say the self-awareness and financial security that come with being older lessen the chance of divorce, though there's less time to work on having children.

Studies are at odds about which group of couples, older or younger, are more likely to stay together. A University of Texas researcher has found that young-20s couples are happier than those who get married later in life; while a sociologist at Penn State, who used different data, found that older couples were happier.

The real difference may lie in what's being measured. Younger couples may be more idealistic (and less jaded by years of dating), they claim greater satisfaction. But later in life, couples are more likely to value compatibility and report satisfaction in shared activities.

Been There, Tried That
Jen F. from Pennsylvania experienced a young marriage that dissolved. "I got married at 24, after being engaged for 2.5 years. At the time, I was perfectly ready to be married, but as it turns out, even with the long wait, my husband wasn't ready. We were divorced within two years. Now I'm a big proponent of encouraging people to think about whether they want to get married at all, which I think some never consider."

Tanya V. from New Jersey says marrying later is "a smart thing to do." "In my opinion, you are more mature and know what you want--for the most part--and how this person can make it a reality with you."

Tell us: Are you a tortoise or a hare when it comes to getting to the altar?

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