Is it just us, or does winter seem to bring out the worst in fashion? (We're looking at you, Cosby sweaters and Uggs.) Listen, we know it's cold outside, but that doesn't mean you can let your fashion sense hibernate.

To keep you looking good indoors and out, we've rounded up some one-of-a-kind hats, gloves and scarves to help turn up the heat on your winter wardrobe. Just like Grandma used to knit ... only way cooler.

Click through our gallery below, then go check out Refinery 29's must-read list of killer jackets and coats for under $300. Jack Frost won't know what hit him.

Warm and One-of-a-Kind

    CLF by Claire La Faye Cashmere Arm Warmers
    Bows and cashmere... what's not to like? Also available in Lolita black or cream pearl-studded Marie Antoinette styles. ($44, Etsy)

    CLF by Claire Le Faye

    Wemustgrow Bessie Coleman Aviator HeadPeace
    Channel your inner Amelia Earheart with this bright and cozy cap. ($38, Etsy)


    Momoca Wool Ear Flap Hat
    Go newsboy chic in this functional houndstooth number. ($42, Etsy)


    Sewlutions by Amo Neck Warmer Tie Scarf
    This unique item brings together two basic concepts to create something totally one of a kind. ($48, Etsy)

    Sewlutions by Amo

    Paula Deer Wool Earflap Hat
    Bring the country wherever you are with this toasty topper, made from a recycled suit jacket and decorated with little red ducks.($45, Etsy)

    Paula Deer

    Peter Jensen Rainbow Scarf
    Be honest-Rainbow Brite has never really left you. Give ROY G. BIV a sartorial shout-out with this cheery wool number. ($130, Creatures of Comfort)

    Creatures of Comfort

    Second Seed Ba Ba Black Sheep Fingerless Gloves
    Made with vintage buttons and hand-dyed yarn, this pair is totally one of a kind. ($30, Etsy)


    Ilikeyourworld Reversible Hood Scarf
    Not one for hats? This cozy hooded scarf the a perfect alternative. ($85, Etsy)


    Rachel Comey Fur Helmet
    Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy was your hair. Save your ears from frostbite with this funky hat, made from the fur of baby alpacas who died of natural causes. ($310, Creatures of Comfort)

    Creatures of Comfort

    Aspasia Knitted Hat 157
    Stay warm in this classic chunky cap, updated with a textured boxy knit. ($29, Etsy)